Groundwater Contamination:- How Does It Happen?

Graphical Representation of Groundwater Contamination

From large pieces of garbage to invisible chemical components, to a wide range of pollutants- all of them end up in lakes, rivers, streams and also groundwater.

Speaking of groundwater sources, over 60% of people Down-Under rely on groundwater for irrigation and consumption. And since the toxicity of groundwater sources are increasing every day, this has become a big issue for many residents.

Chief Causes Of Groundwater Contamination:-

Storage Tanks:- While it’s a good idea to preserve chemicals, oil, and gasoline in storage tanks, with time the tank interior will corrode, crack and form leaks. And when that happens, those pollutants can make its way to the underground water source and contaminate it completely.

Septic Tanks:- Septic tanks are meant to slowly drain away all the human waste underground at a slow rate. Septic tanks with improper designs can leak bacteria, viruses, household chemicals, and other underground chemicals to contaminate the underground water source, thus making them inconsumable.

Landfills:- Landfills are areas where garbages are taken to be dumped. And even though these areas have a protective bottom layer meant to safeguard the underwater source from polluting, if they crack, then it will make its way into the underground water source.

Harmful Chemicals: Use of chemicals on lawns and farm fields to kill weed, insects and fertilise plants is another chief cause of groundwater contamination. When it rains, all those chemicals into the ground and reach the groundwater source, thus contaminating it.

So, What’s The Alternative To Getting Safe Drinking Water?

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